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About Light Up My Chamber

We make room decor products to add an enjoyable expierence to any room. Our customers transform their room to perfectly fit there mood and style.

If you would like to learn more about the brand, please see links below:

Visit their Instagram: @lightup_mychamber

Visit their website:

What happens next?

Mandatory selections of the buttom "Obviously yes!" after reading over the details.

 Promotion styles

Link in bios of social media accounts ($0.05 per click)

Tik Tok (minimum 15 seconds) ($0.50 per 1,000 views)

 Instagram stories (with swipe-up link) ($0.05 per swipe up)

Instagram feed post ($0.50 per 1,000 views)

instagram reel ($0.50 per 1,000 views)

Screenshots of your campaign Instagram stats or tiktok stats once content is live/approved

Your content must comply Content Guidelines.

Mentions, Tags & Link:

Tiktok: @lightupmychamber #lightupmychamber

Instagram: @lightup_mychamber #lightupmychamber

Mention: @lightupmychamber and  Hashtag: #lightupmychamber

Must be included within the first 2 lines of your in-feed caption of a tiktok post or instagram post

Each story frame must have each @mention and #hashtag

Must use swipe up link in EVERY story frame -- link to be provided upon hire.

Content Guidelines:

The product should be clearly shown in your promotion.

Show yourself being active

Do what you do, create natural organic content that is high quality and beautiful!

Ensure product details are not lost in the content

No other brands featured in content

Please shoot your content vertically

Do not overly filter images (keep it natural)

Please include clear product shots

Photography Direction

Avoid oversatured filters and colors, utilize natural lighting

Showcase the product in natural situations that make sense - inclusive and relatable

Style items for their intended purposes.

Keep things positive! We like to see smiles and positive energy. 

Ensure the product details are visible and unobscured

Do not feature or promote other brand's logos/mention any other brands in your content or caption. 

No mention of controversial topics, political statements, or negativity

Copy Guidelines:

CTA - required: weave in one of these lines in the caption of your video or something along these lines

Love my room with these (featured product) from @lightupmychamber

In love with these ( featured product) from @lightupmychamber

link in bio for (features product )

Check out @lightupmychamber for these (featured product)

Use code these room products @lightupmychamber

Conact us with a product you would like to specifically promote and after reviewing your account we will send it to you free or for a negotiated price.

Payment Plans:

PPV(Pay Per 1,000 Views) = $0.50

PPLC(Pay Per Link Click)= $0.05 

We use Pay Pal as the payment method.

Your participation in this campaign is governed by the Influencer Services Agreement.

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