Our story!

      Hello! We are so glad to have you on our site! Here at Light Up My Chamber, CEO's Robert Wingert and Frederick Richard started off with nothing but a dream to share their amazing lighting products with the world. They created Light Up My Chamber at the ages of just 16! They are the owners of this website to this day!


     We all work very hard at all hours of the day and do our best to make this company welcoming to amazing people like you! Starting from little money and a big dream to become business owners, our CEO's have grown this business into a welcoming site and hired us to do the same. We are putting countless hours into designing this website and obtaining reliable products to share with the world. We can confidently say that all of our products will work 100% of the time and if for some reason they don't, you are eligible for a FREE refund! Thank you so much for your time and let us know if you have any questions. We made it very easy to get in touch with us through our "Contact Us" page at the top. Have fun shopping!